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Adam Moore (pseudonymously, LÆMEUR) is a cartoonist whose work has appeared regularly in magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, and Esquire, and has also seen publication in comic books published by Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, and Graphic India, as well as numerous small press and indie publications. When he's not drawing little pictures, he's usually programming his Atari or building hypertext systems or playing Asteroids or designing alphabets or just noodling around on the bass.

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Avatarex #1
Grant Morrison's Avatarex: Destroyer of Darkness #1, Graphic India, 2016.
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #6
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #6 (alternate color), Dynamite Entertainment, 2016.
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #5 (alt)
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #5 (alternate color), Dynamite Entertainment, 2016.
Doctor Who: Three and the Cyberman
Doctor Who: Three and the Cyberman, for VWORP! VWORP!, 2013.
A.D.: Colin Brockhurst
Airmen Ambush
Airmen Ambush, unpublished, 2011.
She-Ra, 'The Secret's Out', page 12
"She-Ra: The Secret's Out", page 12, cereal:geek, 2014.
She-Ra, 'The Secret's Out', page 14
"She-Ra: The Secret's Out", page 14, cereal:geek, 2014.
Del Kelvin
Del Kelvin, unpublished.


Best of the decade, 2010-2019
Best of The Decade, 2010-2019, for Esquire, 2019.
A.D.: C.J. Robinson
CBS Viacom vs The Tanks
CBS Viacom Enter The Streaming Wars, for The Hollywood Reporter, 2020.
A.D.: Peter Cury
The Most Dubious Person of 2018
The Most Dubious Person of The Year: 2018, for Esquire, 2018.
A.D.: Dragos Lemnei
The Sky Is Falling
The Sky Is Falling, for The Hollywood Reporter, 2018.
A.D.: Peter Cury
JJ Abrams/Paramount
J.J. Abrams, for The Hollywood Reporter, 2017.
A.D.: Peter Cury
The New Titanic
Star Wars: The New Titanic?, for Entertainment Weekly, 2015.
A.D.: Ruby Parra
Master Chief
Master Chief, for Entertainment Weekly, 2014.
A.D.: Aaron Morales
Spidey for WIRED
Ask Mr. Know-it-all: Spidey vs Doc Doom, for Wired, 2013.
A.D.: Bradley R. Hughes


Period Piece
Period Piece, student work, 2011.
Mervin Delron
Doh! Nuts., unpublished, 2014
A page from Bleedback #2, unpublished, 2014
'I love mum.'
Real Life in Five Colors, unpublished, 2022


The Star Wars
The Star Wars; Poster based on Ralph McQuarrie concept art, 2019.
Orville Peck, Space Cowboy
Orville Peck Space Cowboy print, 2019.
MOTU Poster
Masters of The Universe limited-edition poster, for Strange Kids' Club, 2014.
Will Keith: Weapons Master


H6M, unpublished, 2017.
Ted Nelson
Theodor Holm Nelson, unpublished, 2015.
Nice Coat
Nice Coat, unpublished, 2018.
321 cover. Limited-edition pamphlet, 2010.
I Live for Laughter
I Live For Laughter, unpublished, 2012.
Herr Doktor
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Student work, 2011.